Our story...

In 2004, Pinkesh & Bindu Parikh decided to start a business which is now known as Sai Handicraft. 16 long years later, it is a name that over a thousand customers love and visit loyally, and a brand that does business with over a dozen shops all over England. But it all started as a small stall in Camden market where for over a decade both Pinkesh and Bindu worked tirelessly to grow the business and themselves as salespeople. However, in 2015, they both made a mutual decision that it was time to close the stall and move onto bigger ventures. Thus, the era of festivals begun. This was the moment when the business become what it is known as today. Every year for over five months, they travel all over England, clocking tens of thousands of miles easily as they visit festival to festival only staying at home for a day or two during these few months. They attend folk weeks, music festivals, spreading the Sai Handicraft name everywhere they go, and it is always greeted by love because not only are the products that are sold genuine and real but the customer service that both Pinkesh and Bindu offer are real and empathetic. 
Come winter, Pinkesh & Bindu go to India, not to rest but to look for more products that they could sell which could bring the Indian culture to the customer. They also ensure that everything they buy are genuine and real, which not only forms a connection that is slowly fading to the rich Indian arts but also provides a countless number of jobs.